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Specialties: First Time Homebuyers
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I was born and raised on a horse and cattle ranch from a small, rural town in Oklahoma, where we were taught at an early age that honesty, hard work, and moral ethics were the backbone of success.  I am the eldest child of three with two younger brothers.  I am a natural born leader and my innate protective nature is a trait that serves myself and others well. I have been married to Trevor for 13 years and have an amazing son.  I enjoy traveling, boating, amusement parks, and fitness.  My dream has always been living near the ocean. In 2018 we sold our home, left our jobs, and moved to Florida to pursue my passion of becoming a Realtor and start our plumbing contractor business - Loftin Plumbing. 

When you work with me you have a distinct advantage of working with someone who is well versed in property renovations through personal experience. I refer and leverage the skilled tradesmen and contractors that I have personally vetted and use frequently.   If you are a buyer? I offer and leverage my knowledge in getting you the best property for your money while educating on the value of a well-built/renovated home versus one that may be prone to future issues, looking past staging and new paint on the walls. If you are a seller? I work to address any potential issues before the sale and can help with any fixes that may be necessary in order to yield the maximum value for the sale of your home.

"As first-time home buyers, my husband and I couldn't have asked for a better realtor. Shelbi went above and beyond, millions of times, to make this work for us. She stuck by our side through all of the ups and downs and always reassured us that this was going to work out. When we wanted to give up and just continue to rent, she was there to reassure us that everything was going to work out. Not only did Shelbi go above and beyond, but she was so informative and explained everything to us in detail. Since we were first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and Shelbi either always had the answer or would find the answer and get back to us right away. She is so quick to respond and on top of it. If you are looking for a realtor, you have to reach out to Shelbi. She will make this heavy, stressful process, light and less stressful. You won't be disappointed!"- Minta & Eric

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Douglas Adams

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